sayumi : 2014.03.08
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photo by sayumi , SX-70

last 600 film


The mind boggles!For inctsnae, how exactly did Verity get the famous photo of Steven’s todger? Was this a solo project, or did she have help from the man in her life in setting up the glorious snapshot? If it was a lone gunman sort of affair, how did she manage it without Steven finding out? Lads, if her current relationship doesn’t work out and she goes after you sometime in the future, be sure to search her for cameras before nodding off!And what does Agnes do with the photographs once she’s read them?Inquiring minds are horrified at the prospect of finding out!

  • posted by Luis
  • 2014.07.21 18:12:18

stuff about sick female raeetivls ? if it were only about the owner, i might buy it, but about raeetivls who hopefully have never seen the penis in question bizarre; and lasty*what about altered penises, with piercings, circumcisions? does that influence readability?in any way, if you make up some cool credentials, start a little ltd and make up a cool business plan, its a sure go.and just think about those business cards!

  • posted by Cameron
  • 2015.02.22 0:15:46

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