sayumi : 2014.03.08
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photo by sayumi , SX-70



problem area???? PLEASE DO U KNOW HOW MANY women would love to be your size and have nice booty and thighs? girl you got it ging on dont cgnahe a thing you are just fine the way you are dont get to skinny you look fantastic already! LOVE YOUR BODY nice booty too

  • posted by Reuben
  • 2014.07.20 19:11:34

Nicole - Hi! I heard of your blog through wiathcng youtube and saw the great ideas for Project Life you have Very inspiring! Also, I was having difficulty deciding on pictures and what pages to use and whatnot and then saw that you have the layout planner pages, which is a such a great idea!! Only problem is, I can’t seem to find the link anywhere to print them out. Would you be able to direct me to it? Keep up the great work!!

  • posted by Boin
  • 2015.02.19 9:08:58

At the risk of thinking about this too much, the male mmeber is known to be affected by various environmental factors such as temperature, and subjective factors such as relative levels of excited to see you -ness.So, for an accurate reading, does she need photos of the equipment in a range of poses ?Come to think of it, inquiring minds really DON’T want to know

  • posted by Pallab
  • 2015.03.25 3:59:31

zegt:Grappig, als je ze zo samen ziet dan zijn het echt twee heel verschillende jongjtees! (en dat zijn het natuurlijk ook ). Ben benieuwd of Mus net zo’n mooie bos krullen als Wolf gaat krijgen (overigens heeft Wolf zich gisteren ook voorbeeldig gedragen Heeft hij dat nieuwe baby’tje nou onderhand nog niet verdiend? )

  • posted by Jayesh
  • 2015.04.27 11:31:28

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